Five Mistakes To Avoid When
Buying A Conference Phone For Your Business

Our free Conference Phone Guide can help you avoid making a fool of yourself when buying a conference phone for your company.

You will learn:

  1. Analogue or Digital? What the practical difference is, and the implications of buying the wrong type for your company's phone system.
  2. A very common mistake that companies make when buying a conference phone - especially in open plan offices.
  3. Why the number of people who'll be using the phone at any one time is very important to your choice of phone. Get this wrong, and you'll end up sitting on each others' laps.
  4. An easily overlooked point that growing businesses should pay attention to, that could save you having to buy another phone in six months time.
  5. A technical issue that depends on the type of switchboard technology you use - ignore this and you may not hear the last of it from your colleagues for months.

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