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Jargon Buster (Glossary of Technical Terms)

3 Way Calling

(A BT Select Service)*** Allows 3-way conference calling between one internal and 2 external callers or between 2 internal and one external caller.

Abbreviated Number Memory

Allows numbers to be stored. These numbers can be retrieved using a short dialling sequence.

Activity Reports

Allows you to pull off a record of faxes sent or received.

Alpha and Numeric Memory

Allows you to store a name with an associated telephone and/or fax number.

Answer-Only Facility

Answering machine can be set to play an outgoing message only and not allow a caller to leave a message.

Audible Message Alert

Lets you know that messages have been recorded by beeping slowly. This function can be switched off.

Auto Fax/Tel Detection

Allows you to receive incoming faxes automatically.

Automatic Fallback

Will automatically reduce the speed of transmission to enable both machines to communicate at the same speed

Automatic Redial

If a connection is not achieved, the fax machine will automatically redial a number of times.


Automatically connects the line when the handset is lifted from the base.

Base Station/Handset Call Barring

This will prevent certain numbers being dialled as stipulated by the user


Saves time by sending single facsimile documents to multiple destinations

Page Memory

If the receiving paper has run out, faxes can be stored in the memory and printed later.

Call Barring

Allows you to bar all or certain outgoing calls except for pre-programmed numbers and emergency numbers (applies to handset barring, not line barring).

Call Clarity™

An electronic signal processing system, which enhances transmission and voice reception using noise reduction techniques.

Call Diversion

(A BT Select Service)* Calls follow The customer to the phone of their choice (even if it's a mobile) and appear to be answered as usual.

Call Forwarding (internal)

Allows you to forward calls to another handset if you do not want to be disturbed or are unavailable to answer calls.

Call Indicator Light

Flashes when the phone is ringing. Ideal for people with special hearing needs or in a noisy environment.

Call Intercept

This gives you the option to answer incoming calls from an extension on the same line, even if the answer machine has started to answer.

Call My Bill (a BT Select service)

Use the 'Call My Bill' button to listen to the billing information about your last phone bill. You will need to have your account number ready for reference.

Call Pick Up

Allows you to pick up an incoming call from another handset.

View call information via the

LCD such as the name or number (or both) of the person calling.

Call Return (a BT Select Service)

Just dial '1471' to hear the number of the last person who called, together with the time and date (unless withheld or from an exchange where the Calling Line Identity is not available).

Call Screening

Allows you to hear an incoming caller so you can decide whether or not to take a call.

Call Transfer

Allows transfer of calls between base units and/or cordless handsets.

Call Transfer (Fax)

Allows re-routing of telephones or fax calls to another number.

Call Waiting (a BT Select Service)*

When used with BT's Call Waiting and Caller Display Services you can see the number of the second caller whilst engaged on another call. The name is also displayed if stored in the directory.

Channel Switch

Enables switching between different analogue frequencies to obtain the best frequency for clarity during communication.

Channel Auto-Selection

Automatically selects the telephone's operating channel to allow the clearest possible reception.

Noise Reduction

Reduces background noise, providing much clearer reception at all times.

Mailboxes (Password Protected)

Personalised mailbox where faxes or voice communication can be recorded and can only be accessed by a personal password.

Confidential Transmission

Allows you to send a fax to a password protected fax machine (on the receiving side).

DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)

This is the standard for cordless communications. Using advanced digital radio techniques; it makes very efficient use of the available radio spectrum and provides high quality sound and extremely high security.

Direct/Indirect Memories

Numbers stored in the fax machine's memory can be dialled easily using a short dialling sequence.

Delayed Transmission

Enables you to program a fax machine to send documents at a pre-arranged time. Useful when sending documents overseas.

Dial From Calls List

Automatically dials a number stored in the calls list.

Digital Answering Machine

Advanced digital recording technology does not require tapes.

Digital Security

Prevents calls being overheard or picked up on other cordless handsets.

Document Reception Memory

Will store a set number of pages (number dependent on product) in the memory if your fax is out of paper. Number based on manufacturer's standard document.

Dual Access

If the fax machine to which you are sending is busy, documents can be placed in its memory and sent when the machine is free.

Duplex Operation

Two channels available allowing two parties to speak and listen simultaneously. Used for handsfree speech.


A programmable chip inserted into the telephone to permanently store numbers.

E-mail Facility

Allows up to 5 separate accounts to have simple e-mail functions. Also includes fax send capability (text only). Password protection included.

End Call/Follow-On Call Function

Allows a follow-on call to be made without the need to replace the handset on the base.

Error Correction Mode (ECM)

Ensures legibility of transmitted documents.


Extra handsets (extensions) can be used with a single base unit, without the need for additional wiring. Fax Forwarding You can program the fax to forward faxes to another number.

Friends & Family

Using simple programming keys you can store and dial up to 10 Friends & Family numbers. You can inform BT of the numbers to qualify for your Friends & Family discount by using a dedicated button and following the instructions in the user guide. Your 10 numbers can include one mobile number and one international number. There is a limit of 30 numbers in any billing cycle.

PBX Compatible

Compatible with most switchboards.

GAP Compatible (Generic Access Profile)

That means the handset is compatible with and connectable to DECT products from other manufacturers that are GAP compliant.

Grey Scales (Fax)

Better reproduction of non-text images such as drawings and photographs. Hands Free Dialling Allows you to dial without lifting the handset.

Hands Free Operation (Handsfree Speakerphone)

Time saving and convenient - allows you to hold a conversation without lifting the handset.

Hearing Aid Compatible (Inductive Coupler)

Improves sound quality for users of hearing aids. Switch hearing aid to T and move earpiece until you get clearer sound.

Incoming Calls List (Name and Number)

Stores a list of incoming calls. Names of callers will also be stored if the caller is already in the directory.

Individual Transmission Receipts

Confirmation of sent fax message after each transmission.

Inductive Coupler

Helps people who wear hearing aids with a T switch to hear their caller more clearly. Integrated Handset Handset built into the fax machine


Prevents accidental dialling when activated.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Displays numbers dialled. Also displays the numbers and names stored in the memory, clock, calculator and other visible information.


Allows contacts to have individual mailboxes (accessible by a PIN), which can receive individual messages (fax or voice, dependent on product).

Memo Message Facility

Allows you to record a message on the answering machine, which someone can listen to later, instead of leaving a written note.

Memory Without Power

Allows you to disconnect the phone without losing the numbers stored in the memory (length of time dependent on product).

Memory - One touch/Two touch

Allows you to make a telephone call or send a fax at the touch of one or two buttons.

Menu Options

Shows status and allows easy navigation through menus.

Menu Driven

Allows easy access to the phones functions via a selectable menu.

Message Forwarding

Allows incoming messages to be automatically forwarded to you at another number.

Message Save and Reset

Saves messages and resets the machine ready to accept further incoming calls

Modem Speed

The maximum modem speed expressed in kbps.

Monitor Button

Allows you to hear if a call is answered without lifting the handset.


Print, scan, copy, send and receive faxes on a single machine.

Multi-Handset Facility

Additional cordless handsets can be used with one base station to provide a telephone system for home or business use.

Multiple Last Number Redial

Ability to select from a list of previously dialled numbers.

Music On Hold

Callers are entertained with music whilst being put on hold, reassuring them that they have not been cut off.

Name And Number Directory

Allows you to store names and telephone numbers which can be easily accessed for dialling out.


User friendly, multi-directional keys allow for quick and easy access to all functions.

Number Memory

Allows you to store and dial numbers at the touch of a button.

On-Hook Dialling

Allows you to dial a number without lifting the handset.

On-Hook Volume Control

Allows an adjustment to the volume whilst the handset is in the cradle. Page Memory Allows pages to be stored in memory for quick sending or receiving whilst out of paper.

Paging Facility

Allows the handset to be paged by the base unit.

Password Protection

Prevents unauthorised access to directories including calls list.

Pause (Phone)

Allows you to insert a pause when dialling. For use with switchboards. PC print resolution the number of dots per inch used to define the print quality.

PC Interface

Allows you to connect your fax machine directly to a PC. With additional software (purchased separately), you can receive and send faxes, print and scan directly onto a PC.


Allows you to retrieve a document from another fax machine, or for another fax machine to retrieve a document from your fax machine. Also called Fax back

Pre-Recorded Outgoing Message (OGM)

A pre-recorded message on an answering machine (this can be overwritten with your own outgoing message)

Print Engine

The type of engine technology. Used (thermal, thermal, transfer, inkjet, LED and laser).

Printer Port

Can connect a small printer to print out e-mails/ faxes and other useful information.

Private Playback

Lets you listen privately to messages left on your answering machine using your telephone handset.


Allows you to use numbers stored in the memory under the keypad.

Quick Disconnect

Plantronics' Quick Disconnect clip allows you to simply and easily disconnect your headset from your telephone. If a call is in progress, it will be placed on hold until you reconnect the clip.


Used when transferring calls, for using certain BT Select Services and with switchboards.

Redial Button

Allows you to redial the last number you dialled. Also called 'Last number redial'.

Remote Access

This enables you to access your answering machine and its functions from another tone dialling phone. You can playback, fast forward, rewind or delete messages using a TouchTone™ keypad. A PIN number prevents unauthorised access.

Reset button

Allows you to make follow-on calls without replacing the handset.

Rotary Feature

Facilitates rapid access to your directory, volume and calculator control.

Save Button

Saves a dialled number to be recalled at a later date.

Scroll Up/Down Keys

Allows you to scroll up or down through the calls list or directory.

Secrecy Button

Allows you to speak to someone else in the room without your caller hearing the conversation.

Security Code

For use when accessing your answering machine remotely. The code prevents other people accessing your messages and although pre-programmed can usually be easily changed.

Silent Fax Reception

Faxes can be received automatically without the need for the machine to ring.

Simultaneous Internal/External Calls

One handset can make an outgoing call while other handsets are engaged on internal calls. Sound Enhancement System™ A tone control switch featured on Plantronics' Encore headset. This allows you to choose between bass and treble settings, in order to alter the sound of your caller's voice for optimum comfort in listening.

SoundGuard Plus®

A feature integrated into Plantronics' bases, which reduces continuous loud tones quickly, caps popping and ensures that the caller's normal tone of voice remains natural and unchanged

Speech Amplification

Amplifies incoming or outgoing speech so that you can choose the setting that best suits your needs.

Speed Dialling

Quick access to numbers stored in the memory. Standard/Fine/Superfine/Photo Resolution Allows you to select a suitable resolution for fax transmissions. Photo transmission normally allows transmission using grey scales (a selection of different densities of black, giving higher definition to light and dark colours).


Telephone Answering Machine

Time And Day Stamp

The built-in voice tells you the time and day when a message was left.

TouchTone™ Dialling

Callers on modern digital exchanges benefit from faster connections and can access a wide range of extra services.

Transmission Report (Fax)

Confirms documents have been sent to the intended recipient.

Uni-Directional Microphone

A microphone sensitive to, and picking up sound from one particular direction.

*A quarterly fee is payable ***A quarterly fee and charge per use is payable.

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